12 May 2015

The E day 26/12/2014
Assalamualaikum... lots of thngs happen to me.. i have deleted many posted that reminds me of the bad part of my life. Ok, now i an totally feel sprry for that, i should keep it till i am ready to face it like now. Today im feeling gooddddd... I am engaged on 26/12/2014. Expected to get married on 14/10/2015 (INSHALLAH). Im am happy me. ALHAMDULILLAH

08 January 2013

Favorite Show All The Time

Assalamulaikum blog walker....
Everyone has their own favorite film, form genre they loved.
My favorite genre was kind of romantic film and also thriller.

Romantic Film
1.Dear John.(watched more than 20 times)

Stories about one young couple that met only for 2 weeks and very love each other.
John (an army on vacation) and Savannah (student on school break) was met for 2 weeks and they return back to their normal life.
When John return back to army, Savannah start to wrote letters every day and John did replies. Day by day, time pass by Savannah married to one man she pity of that have sickness and about to die, she took care of his husband's son has Autism.
Knowing the changes that took his beloved away, John found out real story when he came back for his father's funeral.
Then they start to forgive and back in love after Savannah's husband also dead.

2.Letters To Juliet. more likes a film titled The Lost Valentine (watched about 5 times)

Story about one girl named Sophie which a book writer follows her fiance to Italy and met a place where almost girl wrote letter to Romeo, she discover one old letters in between the brick and she read the letters, the content of the letters was about one girl that has to marry to other man when she moved to some other places but she still hopes one day she can marry her Romeo.
Sophie found out there is one group of people that take responsibility to reply all the letters which the collect everyday and reply.
Sophie ask for permission to reply herself letters that she found and it was granted.
The Juliet which name Lorraine come to Italy to see the writer and found Sophie. In the journey to found the romeo, Sophie fall for Lorraine's grandson.

3. Twilight Saga, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn

Vampire who fall in love with human and turn human to be a vampires after a promises he did to the vampire voltury when he suppose to be sacrifice.
Theres a lot of conflict happen between vampires family when other clans know Edward wants to marry human which never happen before.
Other clan start top hunt for Bella but protected by Edward clan which is Vampire and also Jacob which are Warewolf.
Jacob loves Bella so much but Bella never love Jacob more than a friend, her love only for Edward Cullen.
When Edward marry Bella, he turn Bella into Vampire after Bella lost a lot of blood during delivery of their child name Renesmee.
The Jacob imprinted (fall in love and feeling to protect) on Bella's baby and he protected Renesmee during Voltury comes to kill Renesmee.

4.The Lucky One.

About one army that survive from killed during war because one picture. The picture of one lady that written address at the back. He takes a long leaves to find the lady which he considered as his life savers.
The lady is divorced with one son.He pretend to work with the lady which owner of dog nursery, when during the time they fall in love.

12 December 2012

Katy Perry Wide Awake

Katy Perry Wide Awake
I'm wide awake (x3)
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart
I'm wide awake
How did I read the stars so wrong

I'm wide awake
And now it's clear to me
That everything you see
Ain't always what it seems
I'm wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long

I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn't dive in
Wouldn't bow down
Gravity hurts
You made it so sweet
Till I woke up on
On the concrete

Falling from cloud nine
Crashing from the high
I'm letting go tonight
(Yeah I'm) Falling from cloud 9
I'm wide awake
Not losing any sleep
I picked up every piece
And landed on my feet
I'm wide awake
Need nothing to complete myself - nooohooo

I'm wide awake
Yeah, I am born again
Outta the lion's den
I don't have to pretend
And it's too late
The story's over now, the end

I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn't dive in
Wouldn't bow down
Gravity hurts
You made it so sweet
Till I woke up on
On the concrete

Falling from cloud nine
Crashing from the high
I'm letting go tonight
I'm Falling from cloud 9

Thunder rumbling
Castles crumbling
I am trying to hold on
God knows that I tried
Seeing the bright side
I'm not blind anymore

Falling from cloud nine
Crashing from the high
(Ya' know) I'm letting go tonight
I'm falling from cloud 9

I'm wide awake (x5)

13 April 2012

Christina Aguilera

Salam Dear Reader,
Today i intend to talk about one women name Christina Aguilera.
Why her instead of many other singer out there?
Well, since she has been one of judges for THE VOICE, the was the most bright star among the other judges ( Adam Lavine, Ce Loo, Blake) and she is the only girl.
I am growing up with her song plays in radio, same level to Britney Spears and some other boy band such as Westlife,Blue, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys and many more.
She are 32 now and she sing since she is little girl.
Talking about VOCAL and SINGING LIVE, only person can play well only her.
how amazing she sing every high and lower tone made me really impressed about her gift that not everyone gifted the same gift. She can write her own song, which i think she was born with complete package of a great singer.
Dont you agree with me?

Burleaque was a great movie telling how she try very hard to be real STAR, which the first time i watch the movie i was like stunning and didnt expect she can be on movie. Well Done Christina, you are superwoman.
She is married with one kid.

Good Luck to you for all the way to have been, i was dreaming to be on your concert soon :-)
I did some youtube and i think it will be fun and worth it because she is real singer which can sing better LIVE than record.
Big applause for her.


09 April 2012

Jom Belajar Bahasa Kelantan

Bokbong - Spesies Musang
Ttuyup - Pepatung
Pok Kor - Spesies Mengkarun g
Ike Kkhonge - Ikan Cencaru
Gelenyar, Gletah - Mengenyam, Getik
Absorber - Saksoba
Supik Gelenyar / supik rhokrhak - Plastik Bag (yang nipis tu)
Buah Topoh - Buah Epal (diambil dr perkataan Arab 'tuffah')
Mokte - Rambutan
Kuk / Kok - Sekeh
Njja - Tendang
X Cakno - X hirau
Nyaknyo - Kesian Bbaloh - Kelahi
Ggaduh - Nak cepat (double ..G' means sabdu)
Debe - Berani gilerr
Bekwoh - Kenduri (mybe berasal dari big work)
Tohok - Buang
Rhukah - Panjat
Ghohok - Susah, payah
Hungga - Lari (bkn hungga bungga ekk)
Cuwoh - Curah
Getek / Etek - Juga
Tepoh - Langgar
Tubik - Keluar
Siak Duk Ggobar - Jangan risau.. Don't worry, be happy!!!
Idak Ko -Cuma
Wak Ggoghi -Bagi memulakan sesuatu.. to start with.
Jjughuh - Baik (jjughuh budok tu = baik budak tu)
Kelaghing - Kesat / not smooth (kulit kelaghing)
Belengas - Melekit
Klikpah klikpah - Terpinga-pinga
Lipotey - X tetap duduk
Nnetting - Melantun Kali Arung - Sekaligus
Air Geh - Air Berkarbon at
Jauh Sapok - Teramatla h Jauhnya
Panah Terik - Panas Yang Teramat Sangat
Comel Lote - Comel Yang Amat
Sejuk Ketta - Sejuk Yang Amat
Ite Lettung - Tersangat lah Hitamnya
Punoh Jahne - Rosak
Gura Bewok - Gurauan Yang Menyebabk an Pergaduha n
Taik Aye Mone - Tahi Ayam Yang Masih Hangat
Kona Lepe - Corner Lipat
Kelecak - Terpelant ing
Nakuk Paik - Penakut Yang Amat Tinggi
Lonjong - Tinggi Sangat
Nipih Nayyang - Sangat Nipis
Maknga - Cuai
Babei - Degil
Koghok - Tengkorak
Kehek - Muntahkan Semula
Puahsang - Boring
Meppeh - Tak Larat
Kepeh Blepeng - Sangat Kempis

Kelantan + English?? = 'Kelantali sh'


POZEK (deposit)
RIZAT (result)
NNEJA (manager)
ISTEK (estate)
SUWIH (switch)
MERKET (market), dll...
BOKK (book)
RHOBA (rubber) pemadam

Kata penguat dalam Bahaso Klate pun boleh tahan menarik:

pahit LLEPE
tawar EBER
putih SSUEH
hite LLEGE
biru KKETU
kuning NNEHE
comel LLOTE
gemuk DDEBOK
busuk BANGA
hapok KOHONG
nnakut/penakut APAH
cerhoh/cerah JHERILOH
kuca HANYA (suara mengidung sedikit)

Ada beberapa 'bunga bahasa' dalam loghat kelantan yang unik..


YAK = lebih kurang 'opocot!!!' atau 'oops!!'
DEH? = memohon restu atau persetuju an...lebi h kurang 'OK?',
GAK = lebih kurang 'habis tu..' atau 'so..'
PAH? = lebih kurang 'GAK'
HO (bunyi naik ke hidung sikit ) = 'ya lah..' atau 'yes'
DOCK? = lebih kurang 'bukan?', 'betul tak?' atau 'isn't it?'
LAMOKEY = nanti kan

04 April 2012

How I Keep Friends Around Me

Hehey Malaysia~(feeling ade kat overseas)
How are you? hope yall fine and always have a good health and everything.
Today i was thinking of this topic, we might not think about this seems keeping friends can be do spontaneous and describable. right?
For me, keeping friends can be tough and also can be easy.

Why i said tough?
Coz it depends on the friends we had, kadang2 ade kawan yg agak moody yg susah skali kite nk maintain, sbb bile period die punye sensitivity is very high, and on our side yg kadang2 ego is the last things, we can deal with it. But when fire comes with fire, yall know there will be a BOMB around the friendship. I admit tht im not that strong and low tempered dude, sometimes aku boleh jd org plg sensitive among all the people in the world. Why? We need to know WHERE the hell is sensitivity of our friend located. I cannot deal with RUDE friend, it always working to turn me ON. ALWAYS!
Naturally, aku syg sume kawan2 aku, doesnt matter la how they are, thats we call variety in friendship! kan?

Keeping Friends Feeling
Well, korang pon tau kan, dah jadi kewajipan la kite jaga hati kawan2 kite. so that we dont want others to be rude to us jgk kan?
So, bg perepuan, perkataan la sesuatu yg paling berbisa skali. Syok punye la syok skali sengaja nak bg kawan sorang tu terase.Sengaja tu satu hal la, tak sengaja pon kene la break sket tempat ade corner tu.. got it there? Bile dah terlanjur, mula la terase kenape la kawan sorang lagi tu tibe2 tak mo lepak dah ke. Kadang2 sentap tu tak lama xpela, yg bawak bulan2 ni yg susah tu.

Me myself,i have to admit that aku seorang yg sangat susah nk memaafkan. but im not easy to be mad with friend, mmg susah giler aku nk marah kat kawan2 aku sbb my attitude mmg style Happy Go Lucky, so people with tht tagline mmg hardly to be mad.
But when i turn On, it take times very much for me to start all over it again.I apply that in my whole life include my lovelife, thats y when one guy keep my heart broke, i can takes till 5 years to forgive him even he is the most important in my life ever! Sumpah wey, aku mmg pelik sangat. Xtau la knape.. Hehe. But i love you my friend! i will always do love you guys so much!

Friends In Hard & Good Times
Kawan ni, mase senang mmg terase sgt ramai ade disisi, time tu sume dtg nak share this and that. but we will know the true friends is when they try to get you when they feels you are in bad times, the senses of the real friends is that they can feel it. So far ii have found some of them and i so overwhelmed with gratitude that ALLAH has giving them to me. i appreciated you guys very much.
I was stubborn, so tht i asking for advice but im not really taking or listen to the advice. sebab aku mmg degil beb! tapi ok la sbb aku mintak gak nasihat kawan2 aku kan..hehehe..

Friends in Siti Azira Muhammad's Life:

Nur Sabrina-
Die ni different attitude and way of thinking sangat dari aku, tapi ktrg boleh jadi kawan baik.Knowing her is like the best part knowing how best friends feels like.She was there when my lovelife destroy, she helps me standing back again, giving me support so that i can change my attention into others place.
You really sayang me for what i really am, and so do i. I am so glad until today we stil the same person we have known, just the distance and life revolution that taking us apart, but in heart i know we will always do be a good friends until akhirat. Pray for our friendship and my future life ok dude! i heart you! I had pay my promise being your bestmaid and i want you to hold the marriage forever. Happy that you are having ahppy life now.

Nor Aziani- Minah ni can suite me because she was same like me. maksud aku, die ni jenis very independent same as me,so we go everywhere together just when one of us said a words " Wey, Jom kite gi......."..
Ape pendapat yang aku bg kat die, kebanyakan die dengar even most of advice more to how to keep relationship (maybe im good to advice about tht sebab aku sendri xde pasangan) so when time comes i have to say something for her, i just do it.
Beb, ko kawan yg same giler dgn aku sbb tu aku senang masuk ngn ko.
Keep the same Yani ok, will love you always beb!

Khadijah- Manusia paling pelik. Tapi Eja la kawan plg susah ko nk abuse her mind, sebab bile ko ckp la gajah ke rimau ke about some people yang ko tak suke, eja blm tentu akan benci jugak org tu, die sgt susah nk dipegaruhi. dia sangat bagus sbb always POSITIVE. kite perlukan org mcm die ni untk putihkan titik2 hitam dlm jiwa kita ni. bagus ni untuk kehidupan. But Eja, i love everything about u EXCEPT ko suke dgr lagu Kpop.tu je! love you Eja!

Siti Juliana & Zuraini- Siti n Enni ni kawan sekepala mase kt poli, oleh sebab whole class mase tu sume SKEMA tak hingat,hanya kitorang jer yg time quiz tu tgk toyol dan mase kelas main benda lain, duduk seat plng blakang sbb nk bual2.. Enni,ingt lg mase aku kt kamsis lepak selalu kt bilik ko sbb mase tu jakun lg,tgk mat rempit merempit depan poli pastu mule ckp "mata aku rase nk tertutup, knape hah" walhal mase tu jam 2-3 pagi dah..ingt x beb, kite selalu nek moto sesame gi kelas mase dok umh sewa. i miss you when im thinking abt tht moment,you alive in me.
Siti,manusia yang sentiasa pointer dekat2 ngn aku sebab aku rase ktrg jwb exam jwpn lebih kurang sbb study sesame jer. pastu kalo tak aku yg setankan die, die la yg setankan aku.sbb tu la jd camtu. ingt x mase kantoi tiru buku mase quiz kelas En Vishnu? ahahhahaha..
Siti n enni pernah buat surpise birthday aku thn lepas. you guys mmg awesome!
even you guys far away from KL now, alwys near to my heart. heart yall!

Whoever i didnt wrote here, doesnt mean tht i dont appreciated yall in my life, its just the matter of describing yall way out making my blog full la.hehe.
me heart all my friends always and forever.
Salam n Adios AMigos!

03 April 2012

2012 Post is Begin

Hey there pal!
i almost forgot i got blog..ahaha..
Hell i miss to write here again again and again.

Something new happen to me that makes a differences in between past few years, wanna know what?
I had found back my own heart that i lost for 6 years and being suffer of letting him go. This heart still holding the scars, while i feel i am the most happiest human on earth, i still feels sick thinking about the future of my whole life.
I don't think my life ended in his arm just because i was having him back in this life, its not a promises or a passport to me to open both arms back to him.
He has a girlfriend which cares of him so much, i shouldn't come back actually when sometimes i feel jealous when he spoke to her. but i should be strong, i should stand on my feet, believe that ALLAH Taa'la has reserved someone better than him out there for me. i have to abuse my own mind for the sake of saving my own feeling for my goodness.
There still a pain live deep down this heart, and i will try to be strong and stronger. i hope i can make it and hope you dear reader pray hard for me :)
2012- Attitude
I has long hair which all peoples around me adores to see me.
Here i am saving some hairs for you guys.
i was planning of getting a haircut very soon.

This is year when i felt so alone, when all the besties i had spending their life with husband, prepares husband to work, make lunch and being happy.
i had to admit deep in my heart i was damn envy to plays the activities as a wife.
i am ready to be taken but im not ready to had a broken heart again and again.i know i need better explanation to make people understand, its not easy as people thought "get your ass off la ira", people said i have a gud face to find other better guy myself, but do people ever thought how HARD i try? my 6 years i left in emptiness.
Also bestie cannot understand all of this, i decided to keep it shut.

Well, I hope my besties all blessed and also you guys have a good life out there.
Yani & Sabrina now carrying a baby in belly. i shall be aunt very soon.

Well, lots of things i shared about how i start this year.
I shall write again later.
you guys have a good day!

Stil i hope my life getting better day by day.

Dedicated song_ Cinta Bersatu by Liyana Jasmay.

Di matamu ku berharga
Kau perlakukan aku
Lebih dari mencintai dirimu

Di dekatmu ku merasa
Bahagianya aku
Dapat ruang cintamu

Hanya kamu saja
Yang mampu begitu
Mengerti aku

Kau sempurna bagiku
Tak kurang sesuatu
Kau terima apa adaku

Ku sempurna bagimu
Tak kurang sesuatu
Cinta bersatu

Cara mencintaiku
Yang membuatku diriku jatuh cinta padamu

05 December 2011

Ombak Rindu

Last friday aku join kawan2 aku tgk Ombak Rindu.
as we all may know, ia adalah satu telenovela dimana jalan cerita berdasarkan novel Ombak Rindu.
For me, Ombak Rindu is kinda perfect malay movie so far i ever watched.
you know why? because there is nothing not logic story inside it.
but mostly org tak puas hati coz the movie is not totally based on the novel, they turn some of the things.
i enjoyed so much the song, credit to Hafiz and Adira! the actor and of cos and the amazingness of Maya Karin. Why i said Maya Karin is amazing?
Sume org tau she is very the sexy actress and in top of malaysian beautiful lady, when she brings a character as naive person, the plays well i tell you!
the way she talked, the way she dress, the way she put emotional.
Aaron Aziz deserve compliment because he never makes his fans frust! kan?
What happen when the movie ends? sume org kuar mate bengkak2 dan merah2..!
tapi aku xdelah smpai nanges jgk. but ade jgk some part aku mmg tahan habis dah..

22 November 2011

101 jakfm kalah bating dgn Hitz Fm.kena play lagu Malaysia!

Oleh kerana semalam Malaysia menang keatas Indoensia, aku cume nk share dgn korang yang salah satu radio Indonesia 101 jakfm telah kalah bating dengan radio kite hit fm..
dorang terpakse play lagu Malaysia sepanjang hari..
mmg terbaek la!