15 October 2010


Talking about this date,for me i got two historical story to be remember..how bout u?
first one is the wedding of decade of Dr Syeikh Muzaffar (Malaysia Astronaut) married to Dr Halina..and the other story is about the tragic accident on PLUS highway Near to Simpang Ampat with taken about 11 life one shot..this dramatic accident cut me down because the way people dies are so damn sad.as i wrote one of the story of the parents that have their child on that accident on my earlier entry..
but now i dont want to talk about the accident,lets talk about the marriage..
by the way,actually there is more havoc wedding ceremony on that special date such as Jimmy Shanley ( Astro Host) and others.
but this a lot more interested to be talked because Dr Syeikh Muzaffar is belong to Malaysia and he shared his historical moment with whole Malaysian via TV3 channel.
lets see his prewedding pictures,for me it is kinda amazing and credit to the professional photographer because of the amazing photos they has made.
i appreciated photo and view, coz i like how camera can turn the world up and also the power of beautifulness of our nature and human kind..i dream to have one SLR camera so i can see and make my own photo..hehehe..harapaaaan!
fantastic blend of color mixture..good job bro!
romantic lol!
creative lol!
oh damn it,i have to admit that he is a handsome guy,i like his sepet eyes..muah!
hehe..nice one!
so cute!

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