07 October 2010

ALCIM Hari Raya Celebration @ Bora Ombak

akhirnya buat jugak celebration seperti kewajipan kami di ALCIM tiap2 tahun..
so, this year a bit differences where we decided to celeb somewhere else,this is because year before we did in our office,catering food.
this year we made in Bora Ombak Ampang which located next to Ampang Sport Planet where we always played badminton but im never went to Bora Ombak before..
so finally dream come true.. even there is not much food there but the condition is satisfied because its avery romantic place n good place.
we area having so much fun tht night and during that time we have a great talk with our boses ecspecially our CEO tht go to every table asking for new proposal for ALCIM..
we are having sooo much fun..

ps:my english so broken...but tried my best..hahahak..

Thanks to ALCIM

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