25 November 2010


i dont how to describe this..
but i live and enjoyed a lot of my life experience through friendship..
sad. joy. fun. happy. mad. trust. crazy. upset. betray. backstabber..
this things live in FRIENDSHIP and it really exist in FRIENDSHIP..
you might not realized this but it happen to me so sudden..
i dont care..
coz i dont care..
whatever it is, i am proud of myself until now for what been through so far..
coz it makes me stronger enuff..
to all FRIENDSHIP i have involved with you guys, i am so thankful to you..
i am faith & sincere to be one and apart of your life ever..
i have being who i am & i have tried my best to keep it until now on..
if what happen between us doesnt brings us any benefits ans purposes, i am really sorry for that..
but for me,every friend i been knowing, i will try to stay with them..
doenst matter my friends is bad or good..
but if we cant made a good one, i am so sorry..
but think about the major factor & reason for y it should be this way..
dont put all the blames on me..
it likes you dont appreciated me at all when you put all the blames on me when u feels like u already on the right track..
think back..think and think..
before you spill everythings and turns into a ruins..
im not happy with this and i am so sad..
i have many friendship that i have choosed to ended..
but not this time..
with you..
coz i love our friendship..
very much..
thanks for everythings..
all the best in life..

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