01 November 2010

Kelantanese Spirit

As all of you may know, i am Kelantanese.. i was born in Terengganu(because my mother is terengganu) but i raised in Kelantan (my father's side) untill i finished my school then i further my study in Perak for 3 years. After i graduated i worked in KL untill today, most of my age i spent in Kelantan with my parents..
As you may know and realized, all the Kelantanese well known for their Spirit towards their beloved country. but i know not every people likes to be this way, i also knew people who dont like people around them to know they are kelantan because of their Spirit sometimes gone wrong..
I would say this Spirit was grew in ourself because of our Education to support our own country wherever we are.. From Nursery until Primary School we are teached to respect our country, but theres a lot of Kelantanese is wrongly used the spirit into the wrong purpose. they are using it into the fight spirit and also a lot more other bad attitude of Kelantanese.. In my opinion, theres a lot of mistake in the name of Spirit.
it depends of the person to use it into good or bad.
For me,i aggree and i also disagree with the majority Kelantanese attitude.
Agree: They support their country in every each game.
Disagree: They try to show their spirit without respect, sometimes they lack of discipline toward other nations.

To be honest, i am so sad for the wrongness and mistake for those Kelantanese that turns the spirit into the Violence.. but i will be more sad for those kelantanese who hates to admit their nation. We should know what blood we live on..

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