10 November 2010

my English is getting better!!!

Hell yeah!!!!! i have to say now i am getting better with my English..
i can see the improvement since my confidence to speak is getting better..
better then before but still worst in the range of 10 i only can give myself 6/10..
i am bad right? even though i am bad with English, i have to admit tht English was my favorite lesson since i know English in school.
for me, i gain knowledge during English lesson..
for me ENGLISH is the best way to describe things directly..
we dont need to be complicated to explain things while we have an easier way to explain in ENGLISH..
i enjoyed writing in English rather than to speak in front of peoples because i know since i was born my self confidence is very low.. superb low..
Thanks again for the opportunity given to me to gain the better English to be better me..
Thanks boss..

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