29 December 2010

HZ went to Germany

Yeay! This is my 1st post talking about my blog Idol.
She is Hanis Zalikha which everybody nowadays getting to know her..
I knew her from my friend, after i started to clicking on her blog,until today i will visit her page once in a day.. terel kan?
HZ skrg ade kt Germany g celeb Christmas kat sana.. Jumpe her bestfriend yang blaja kt sane named Nabil..
Suke sgt tgk die g sane..rase nk sgt pegi.
Last week baru my kesayangan baru blk dr Training at Germany for a month..
dari cerita ceriti dornag pon aku dh rase nk jejak sane, ini ditambah pule dengan melihat serta membaca blog HZ semase die berada disane..
Seronok wooooh!!!

27 December 2010

Piala Suzuki Malaysia vs Indonesia 3-0

Piala Suzuki Malaysia vs Indonesia 3-0!!!!
Smlm tgk bola kt NZ..
bagai nk runtuh NZ dibuat oleh para penyokong Malaysia kita.
Sejarah telah terukir dengan kemenangan Malaysia keatas Indonesia 3-0 setelah tiada lg sejarah pasukan kita mengalahkan Indonesia..
Tahniah Team Malaysia,lebih2 lagi kepada Penjaga Gol yg hebat serta penyerang Safee yang telah byk berbakti dlm game tersebut..
Tahniah.. Sila pastikan Malaysia menang lg di Indonesia kelak.. Goodluck!

23 December 2010

Ditelan Mati Emak, Diluah Mati Ayah

Ini merupakan satu perumpamaan..
Yang membawa maksud..
Perasaan serba salah..

21 December 2010

Tragedi Kemalangan Maut di Cameron Highland.

IPOH: Jumlah mangsa yang maut dalam nahas bas persiaran Thai di Jalan Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands, pagi tadi meningkat kepada 27 orang.

Timbalan Ketua Polis negeri, Datuk Zakaria Yusuf, berkata 22 meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian manakala empat dalam perjalanan ke hospital. Ketika nahas, bas itu membawa 37 orang dengan 34 pelancong Thai manakala tiga rakyat tempatan. Timbalan Ketua Polis, Perak Datuk Zakaria Yusof, berkata bas dua tingkat milik syarikat San Express Holiday yang beribu pejabat di Jitra, Kedah itu membawa 37 pelancong Thai manakala pemandu, pembantu pemandu dan pemandu pelancong adalah rakyat Malaysia.

Zakaria memberitahu pemberita di tempat kejadian bahawa polis dan Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat yang menerima panggilan tengah hari telah mengerakkan 100 anggota penyelamat dalam operasi menyelamat.
Katanya, ketika kejadian, bas itu sedang dalam perjalanan turun dari Cameron Highlands ke Kuala Lumpur kerana pelancong itu dipercayai akan mengambil penerbangan pulang ke Bangkok.

Beliau berkata siasatan awal mendapati pemandu bas itu hilang kawalan dan melanggar pembahagi jalan sebelum bas terbabas ke laluan bertentangan dan terbalik di longkang.
bersepah satu bas..

19 December 2010

MUSIC rock my world!!

today i would like to talk about MUSIC..
music is part of my entire interest, hobby, likes, and so on..
music can turn my whole world..
why do i said that? im not only listen to music, i'm not just enjoyed the tempo..
i enjoyed music by get drown into the music, i will try understand every single words on the lyrics..but this only happen to the song that i fall in love with it..
when i started to get drown on one song, i will repeatedly listening to the same songs for the maximum time i can let it played on my ears..
i will not even to changed to another song,but i will repeatedly listen to the same song. so far, maximum time length i can listen to the same song is for 2 month..
yes,when i said 2 month, it will be played on my office desktop,my home radio,my sony walkman player,my car cd player and also my ringing tone.one of it was the song titled "21 Gun" by Greenday feat American Idiot
yes, i am crazy..i am.. and now i am crazy into one song sang by Taylor Swift titled "Back to december".. this song really touched me down..

Song Summary: its about a girl that come back to december to ask an apology to a guys that she just leave for some reason.. she's now giving an opportunity to herself n him to get back together again. she's giving him an option to get back or not. Whatever the decision she will accept..

Hell!!! this is sooooooooo happen to my me..

" This is me swallowing my pride,standing in front of you saying im sorry for that night"..

what i can say about this little tiny Taylor Swift that she is AMAZING girl..!!!
why? because she wrote her own song. she begin her career by being a song writer..
isnt it amazing to you? yes for me she is amazing girl.
she is not as crazy as other singer was. Why? because she didnt bother about the video clip of her songs, coz she can perform well by performing LIVE!!
she sang better on live, and i am so crazy when i started to youtube her live concert.she can play a great guitar and also piano..the best part is she loves to be a mismatched color person,she didnt try to be like other people struggled their-self to copy the latest style but not her.. GREAT!
In her place,Taylor was a celebrity with VERY GOOD attitude and is a very good role model among teenagers at her place,wanna know why?
coz she never went to club,never get drunk and never did anything no good for her.
What the hell, i tot none of Orang Puteh that dont like to being wasted..
She was gifted i think.. Gifted with talent & smart brain.
Taylor Swift currently came out with new album titled "Speak Now" after 2 years she struggled herself to wrote songs. before this album "Fearless" also good to me.
Talking about her, yes im obsessed to her songs and i impressed how one young smart girl make music as a way to tell her feelings to the world.
check it out yall on her website http://www.taylorswift.com/mylife

17 December 2010

i cant wait for you 2011

Hey guys..
new year just around the corner..
this two stuff now start to play in my head...
i dont know why..

15 December 2010

charming Prince William is going to marry Kate Middleton

They look really, really cute together. You know what, though? Don’t your eyes go to Kate? She’s going to outshine William so much - let’s just hope that William doesn’t have his father’s hang-ups about his wife getting so much attention.
Kate, 26, has been dating William since 2001. Rumors have long been rife of an impending marriage, but recent reports have suggested any nuptials would be a long way off due to the amount of high-ranking officials who would need to be consulted.
They finally decided to get married.. Well done!!!

14 December 2010

i had Low-Blood-Pressure?LOL

This is how the story begin..
once upon a time..on Sunday night.
i went to Andalus (Arabic restaurant)as usual to join my friends lepak2..
one thing for sure, we will ordered Syisya during our lepak2 time..
its so normal to me coz i like syisya very much..
but not that night..
when we decided to dismiss our lepak2, i'm going back and i walk alone to my car,alone.
on my way, my head spinning..my whole body shaking,im sweating and my heart beats so fast than normal..
i cant even enter to my car..
i tried.. then i can start the engine..i drove car for about meter but it seems to get worst..
so i stop the car somewhere and i went out form the car. i fell out of my car..
i cant hear any voices..
i cant think..
after 10 minutes..i can find my phone..
then i called my friend to get me and send me home.
thank god..he was there for me..
i asked him to sent me to my sister house,when i arrived, i started to vomit.
then my sister get me medicine and i sleep..i didnt go to work the next day..
that is the first time in my life experience of worst sickness.
i went to clinic and yes the doctor said im having a LOW BLOOD PRESSURE..
the end-

12 December 2010

im am a movie craze but i am weird?

hey guys..
it is so sudden i have an idea of talking about this topic..
i think i am weird..for may taste of watching movie laaaaaa...
i think i am weird..
coz i dont watch Harry Potter like all people around of me so crazy bout it..
coz i also did not like to watch Pirates of Caribbean..
same goes to Lord of the ring and the other similar genre film..
do i look weird by that? i think i am..
but i have reason for that.. what is the reason?
coz i dont watch kind of illogic film related to an old epic film..
for me its so sleepy to watch that kind of movies..such a waste..heheh..
i also no into a horror movies,such as Ju-on and stuff like that...the worst horror film goes to malay horror film.. im so sorry to say guys,but malay horror film always make me laugh while other people back there seems to scream out loud scared. not me.
i dont know.. i dont know why im not scared,just some good movie only can bring me into scared conditions..
talking about malay film,im sorry coz im not part of malay supporters after late Yasmin leaves us..coz i used to love all her film, starts from Sepet,Sepet Gubra,Talentime,Mualllaf and so on.. can we find another talented film maker same as her? why i like tht kind of movies? coz i hate fake things,i love harmony element that was exist in her film,suitable to our time and also she make film based of reality,i mean she did not create a fake idea which alway make a film turns bad to me..
So now talking about international movies,what kind of movie i like & love?
i love THRILLER & ROMANCE movies so much, its funny ciz u may see i as a boyish person but believe me when i said i hate over-actions movies..i have to admit..
have you wacthed "inception"?? this film is the worst ever film to me..hehhahahaha..
below are such a film that i used to watch and enjoyed.. check it out guys!! i watched both movies for hundred times..hehehe..

MY FAVOURITE MOVIES EVER!!! Miley Cyrus and his real boyfriend Liam Hemsworth..

Sophie(Amanda Seyfried) have found an old letter written by Juliet to her Romeo and she replied,the now turn old Juliet get to see her and together they decided to find Remeo untill they have founded him.all the way,she fallen in love to the Juliet Grandson.

Dear John.. handsome John(Channing Tattum) inlove with savannah(Amanda Seyfried(my favourite actress))..thay fall inlove for couple of weeks during John On leave working as special forces but when John get back to his acedemy, savannah used to sent him lots of letter same goes to John.suddenly savannah married other guy. i cried ok..hahahha

08 December 2010

think before act

lets talk about this topic called "think before act"..
why i would say this?
do i need to talk about this?

this is because i need all of us to realized this..
when some people never have thought about this, take your time to think about this..
thats why we made a mistake, then we cant turn back..
mistakes could be forgiven and mistakes also cannot be forgiven..
it depends on how the mistake take an effect towards themselves and others..
it also depends on who you have made the mistake with..
if we made to the wrong person, it cant be forgiven & turn back..
how the mistakes worth to you, how did you tried to ask for forgiveness, and how are you regret on your mistake.
this 3 HOW i just talked about might be the best reason why u cant be forgiven..
you need to show how you fight to get back to normal or you wont do the same mistake again in future..
you need to struggle for a forgiveness..
you need to regret and you wont do it in future..
well,i guess we are big enough to notice all this..
it is just we dont realized or we have forgotten about this..
we all grown up.. and we are all changed.. but we should changed because we have grown up and not because we have forgotten who we are before we grew up.
thats how we THINK BEFORE ACT..
remember, people u knew for a long time is not the same one u knew yesterday even if you think the new people you have known is better than people you used to know before.
along the way to be a better person tomorrow, we should remember who we are yesterday.
its the time when we fall down & given up..
its about the time when nobody held u up high..
its about time when you feels nobody wont listen to you..
its about time when you afraid of everything in life..
and its about time..

01 December 2010

Vanilla homecoming!!

Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey feat 98 degrees n Joe

This is a story about a cat that get back to home after 2 days lost.

Currently i am staying at my sister's mother house alone.
she went to Mekah for publish her Haji with her husband and she will come back home tomorrow on 2nd December.
Last monday,normally when i get out of the house to go work, Vanilla will come around my feet make his sound of cat.. but that monday, nothing happen even i called him few times. in my mind,he might went out or sleeping somewhere.. but when i get home after work he also not home. im started to feel so weird because he normally will be home because this type of cat is not the one so active..his entire schedule is only sleeping, sleeping and sleeping...poor cat..
the next day on Tuesday also he's not home. i started to feel soo weird and try to find him everywhere in the house and also along the road,i even get home early than usual to get back home and searching for him.
still i cant find him.. i cant stop thinking of a cat named Vanilla..
im my sleep also i dreams of vanilla that i hug him so tight..please dont die vanilla.
and TODAY 1st December, as usual i'll go to work turning ON the motorcycle, during tht time i am not so strong enuff to called Vanilla's name but still i softly called "Vanilla" slowly and hoping he will come.
here he is.. he came to my feet.
i rub my eyes.. i cant believe it.i hug him.. YES!! Vanilla is back!!
i took him into his cage scared tht he might went out anywhere else again..
all the way to work,out of my expectation,i am crying tears.. its a happy tears guys...
thanks ALLAH..
you heard my prayers and wishes..

1st of December 2010

i will always remember this date..
today there is so much miracle i have faced..
MIRACLE for me because it is out of my expectations..
something happen that make me so happy today..
Thank you ALLAH for giving me such a wonderful day 1st of December 2010..

im becoming camera freak now! LOL!

Hey dear reader..
i think lately im become camera freak laa..
freak i mean i am crazy when i saw a camera around me.
i think the major factor is because i have a friend that have the same craziness..
and she is my friend named Yani..
its so not me lol.. soo funny roght?
and it seems so much friends around me it getting to buy SLR camera on the way to be a photographer.. then you know i will be more FREAK about camera soon..
here is my latest camera freak pic during my friend sisters wedding..
doesnt matter i dont even know both of the bride & groom but it looks like i am shameless and it getting worst...
help me guys.. please help me..