29 December 2010

HZ went to Germany

Yeay! This is my 1st post talking about my blog Idol.
She is Hanis Zalikha which everybody nowadays getting to know her..
I knew her from my friend, after i started to clicking on her blog,until today i will visit her page once in a day.. terel kan?
HZ skrg ade kt Germany g celeb Christmas kat sana.. Jumpe her bestfriend yang blaja kt sane named Nabil..
Suke sgt tgk die g sane..rase nk sgt pegi.
Last week baru my kesayangan baru blk dr Training at Germany for a month..
dari cerita ceriti dornag pon aku dh rase nk jejak sane, ini ditambah pule dengan melihat serta membaca blog HZ semase die berada disane..
Seronok wooooh!!!

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