14 December 2010

i had Low-Blood-Pressure?LOL

This is how the story begin..
once upon a time..on Sunday night.
i went to Andalus (Arabic restaurant)as usual to join my friends lepak2..
one thing for sure, we will ordered Syisya during our lepak2 time..
its so normal to me coz i like syisya very much..
but not that night..
when we decided to dismiss our lepak2, i'm going back and i walk alone to my car,alone.
on my way, my head spinning..my whole body shaking,im sweating and my heart beats so fast than normal..
i cant even enter to my car..
i tried.. then i can start the engine..i drove car for about meter but it seems to get worst..
so i stop the car somewhere and i went out form the car. i fell out of my car..
i cant hear any voices..
i cant think..
after 10 minutes..i can find my phone..
then i called my friend to get me and send me home.
thank god..he was there for me..
i asked him to sent me to my sister house,when i arrived, i started to vomit.
then my sister get me medicine and i sleep..i didnt go to work the next day..
that is the first time in my life experience of worst sickness.
i went to clinic and yes the doctor said im having a LOW BLOOD PRESSURE..
the end-

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