12 December 2010

im am a movie craze but i am weird?

hey guys..
it is so sudden i have an idea of talking about this topic..
i think i am weird..for may taste of watching movie laaaaaa...
i think i am weird..
coz i dont watch Harry Potter like all people around of me so crazy bout it..
coz i also did not like to watch Pirates of Caribbean..
same goes to Lord of the ring and the other similar genre film..
do i look weird by that? i think i am..
but i have reason for that.. what is the reason?
coz i dont watch kind of illogic film related to an old epic film..
for me its so sleepy to watch that kind of movies..such a waste..heheh..
i also no into a horror movies,such as Ju-on and stuff like that...the worst horror film goes to malay horror film.. im so sorry to say guys,but malay horror film always make me laugh while other people back there seems to scream out loud scared. not me.
i dont know.. i dont know why im not scared,just some good movie only can bring me into scared conditions..
talking about malay film,im sorry coz im not part of malay supporters after late Yasmin leaves us..coz i used to love all her film, starts from Sepet,Sepet Gubra,Talentime,Mualllaf and so on.. can we find another talented film maker same as her? why i like tht kind of movies? coz i hate fake things,i love harmony element that was exist in her film,suitable to our time and also she make film based of reality,i mean she did not create a fake idea which alway make a film turns bad to me..
So now talking about international movies,what kind of movie i like & love?
i love THRILLER & ROMANCE movies so much, its funny ciz u may see i as a boyish person but believe me when i said i hate over-actions movies..i have to admit..
have you wacthed "inception"?? this film is the worst ever film to me..hehhahahaha..
below are such a film that i used to watch and enjoyed.. check it out guys!! i watched both movies for hundred times..hehehe..

MY FAVOURITE MOVIES EVER!!! Miley Cyrus and his real boyfriend Liam Hemsworth..

Sophie(Amanda Seyfried) have found an old letter written by Juliet to her Romeo and she replied,the now turn old Juliet get to see her and together they decided to find Remeo untill they have founded him.all the way,she fallen in love to the Juliet Grandson.

Dear John.. handsome John(Channing Tattum) inlove with savannah(Amanda Seyfried(my favourite actress))..thay fall inlove for couple of weeks during John On leave working as special forces but when John get back to his acedemy, savannah used to sent him lots of letter same goes to John.suddenly savannah married other guy. i cried ok..hahahha

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