19 December 2010

MUSIC rock my world!!

today i would like to talk about MUSIC..
music is part of my entire interest, hobby, likes, and so on..
music can turn my whole world..
why do i said that? im not only listen to music, i'm not just enjoyed the tempo..
i enjoyed music by get drown into the music, i will try understand every single words on the lyrics..but this only happen to the song that i fall in love with it..
when i started to get drown on one song, i will repeatedly listening to the same songs for the maximum time i can let it played on my ears..
i will not even to changed to another song,but i will repeatedly listen to the same song. so far, maximum time length i can listen to the same song is for 2 month..
yes,when i said 2 month, it will be played on my office desktop,my home radio,my sony walkman player,my car cd player and also my ringing tone.one of it was the song titled "21 Gun" by Greenday feat American Idiot
yes, i am crazy..i am.. and now i am crazy into one song sang by Taylor Swift titled "Back to december".. this song really touched me down..

Song Summary: its about a girl that come back to december to ask an apology to a guys that she just leave for some reason.. she's now giving an opportunity to herself n him to get back together again. she's giving him an option to get back or not. Whatever the decision she will accept..

Hell!!! this is sooooooooo happen to my me..

" This is me swallowing my pride,standing in front of you saying im sorry for that night"..

what i can say about this little tiny Taylor Swift that she is AMAZING girl..!!!
why? because she wrote her own song. she begin her career by being a song writer..
isnt it amazing to you? yes for me she is amazing girl.
she is not as crazy as other singer was. Why? because she didnt bother about the video clip of her songs, coz she can perform well by performing LIVE!!
she sang better on live, and i am so crazy when i started to youtube her live concert.she can play a great guitar and also piano..the best part is she loves to be a mismatched color person,she didnt try to be like other people struggled their-self to copy the latest style but not her.. GREAT!
In her place,Taylor was a celebrity with VERY GOOD attitude and is a very good role model among teenagers at her place,wanna know why?
coz she never went to club,never get drunk and never did anything no good for her.
What the hell, i tot none of Orang Puteh that dont like to being wasted..
She was gifted i think.. Gifted with talent & smart brain.
Taylor Swift currently came out with new album titled "Speak Now" after 2 years she struggled herself to wrote songs. before this album "Fearless" also good to me.
Talking about her, yes im obsessed to her songs and i impressed how one young smart girl make music as a way to tell her feelings to the world.
check it out yall on her website http://www.taylorswift.com/mylife

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