08 December 2010

think before act

lets talk about this topic called "think before act"..
why i would say this?
do i need to talk about this?

this is because i need all of us to realized this..
when some people never have thought about this, take your time to think about this..
thats why we made a mistake, then we cant turn back..
mistakes could be forgiven and mistakes also cannot be forgiven..
it depends on how the mistake take an effect towards themselves and others..
it also depends on who you have made the mistake with..
if we made to the wrong person, it cant be forgiven & turn back..
how the mistakes worth to you, how did you tried to ask for forgiveness, and how are you regret on your mistake.
this 3 HOW i just talked about might be the best reason why u cant be forgiven..
you need to show how you fight to get back to normal or you wont do the same mistake again in future..
you need to struggle for a forgiveness..
you need to regret and you wont do it in future..
well,i guess we are big enough to notice all this..
it is just we dont realized or we have forgotten about this..
we all grown up.. and we are all changed.. but we should changed because we have grown up and not because we have forgotten who we are before we grew up.
thats how we THINK BEFORE ACT..
remember, people u knew for a long time is not the same one u knew yesterday even if you think the new people you have known is better than people you used to know before.
along the way to be a better person tomorrow, we should remember who we are yesterday.
its the time when we fall down & given up..
its about the time when nobody held u up high..
its about time when you feels nobody wont listen to you..
its about time when you afraid of everything in life..
and its about time..

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