01 December 2010

Vanilla homecoming!!

Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey feat 98 degrees n Joe

This is a story about a cat that get back to home after 2 days lost.

Currently i am staying at my sister's mother house alone.
she went to Mekah for publish her Haji with her husband and she will come back home tomorrow on 2nd December.
Last monday,normally when i get out of the house to go work, Vanilla will come around my feet make his sound of cat.. but that monday, nothing happen even i called him few times. in my mind,he might went out or sleeping somewhere.. but when i get home after work he also not home. im started to feel so weird because he normally will be home because this type of cat is not the one so active..his entire schedule is only sleeping, sleeping and sleeping...poor cat..
the next day on Tuesday also he's not home. i started to feel soo weird and try to find him everywhere in the house and also along the road,i even get home early than usual to get back home and searching for him.
still i cant find him.. i cant stop thinking of a cat named Vanilla..
im my sleep also i dreams of vanilla that i hug him so tight..please dont die vanilla.
and TODAY 1st December, as usual i'll go to work turning ON the motorcycle, during tht time i am not so strong enuff to called Vanilla's name but still i softly called "Vanilla" slowly and hoping he will come.
here he is.. he came to my feet.
i rub my eyes.. i cant believe it.i hug him.. YES!! Vanilla is back!!
i took him into his cage scared tht he might went out anywhere else again..
all the way to work,out of my expectation,i am crying tears.. its a happy tears guys...
thanks ALLAH..
you heard my prayers and wishes..

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