23 February 2011

peluang yang telah dilepaskan

ceritanya bermula disini..
last year on December, aku dpt panggilan Interviu from Alliance Bank..
still thinking untill now, dari mana aku apply job kt situ sedangkan selama ni aku apply for Allianz Bank tapi still xde jawapan.
so i just go for it, doesnt take it seriously, just to give a try..
its a big company.. for sure it promises a good salary n benefits and also more stress for me..
i dont mind.. i went for interview.. right after i finished answering the question that he gave to me, the Chinese man named Nicole told me already that he likes me to join his company as soon as possible and i was told that i pass for the interview..
Hell What?? i got it?
after few weeks, the HR started to call me, asking for some question and also ask me to do something.i just go for it..
then i got called, that i was accepted to join them asap..
what the hell!!!
and after a deep thinking.. i decided not to do so..
so i rejected the offer.
hell i dont know is it real to me or not.
i really need someone to share this..
but apparently i dont have anyone besides me to share this..
i hope im not gonna regret my own decision.
i really hope.

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