19 May 2011


sile nanges sume kawan2 yg rase diri minat kat KHAIRUL FAHMI smpai jatuh chenta...
kerana beliau skrg sudah bertunang dgn kekasih hati beliau.. jejariruncing tu..

09 May 2011


Hello Friends...!!! Hell i miss to be back and writing again..
I am a bit busy with my whole life for this year 2011 that brings me a lot of Joy & Tears..
i start today with topic TRUST because i have learn a lot about this so far...
Why do i said this? lets talk based on my experience...
At first, i also not agreed with the line NEVER TRUST ANYBODY IN YOUR LIFE same as you seems not to agree with me now..
But, when this happen to myself now i put my both hand surrender the words are so damn correct!
Major factor : You are close to someone even it is your family, you keep on telling all the truth about yourself, all the secrets in your life and the fun joy you had in your life.. This made your close person knew everything about yourself rather than your enemy knows you. Imagine, you are sleeping with you close person and your enemy, you are sleeping in the middle, best friend in your right side and your enemy in your left side.. But, apparently you are dead on the next day.. Your suspect is Your best friends and not your enemy.
Why do i said that? Because enemy will be so thankful you as their enemy still have guts to sleep with them, but your best friend will kill you because they know you wont expect at all a good friends doing that.
am i right? if not..
take a time to think back... think deeply...
I have enough think about how accurate the words i said now.
Never put high level of your trust to anybody, because sooner or later they will bite you and almost killing you..

02 May 2011

i hate to be sick

lately,i am no longer normal me..
its like a lightning that changed everything after came with storm..
everything happen in very short notice and i really wish that i have a chances to turn everything back.
it is suffer.
suffer when i am no longer sleeps in peace.
my sleeps always turn so hard nowadays..
God, please dont test me like this.
This year on April, you have tested me so much..
i swear i will be a good girl, but please God, take ur test back..
i cannot take it..