15 June 2011

blog updates after long time asleep

hey guys..
it has been so long that i leave my blog here.
its not tht i have forgotten but its because i have changed the theme and i lost the login button then i cannot update the entries.haha.. so funny..hahaha..
so many things happen in my life, whateva it is i am happy with my life now.
You should be happy with yours also.
Life is in your hand, you have given a thousand options but the choices still in your hand. You have to choose which is right and which is wrong to you with no regret.
i have a confession to make here, i am agreed with peoples said that i am not a good person since i was small, but what in my heart it is just me knowing how BAD i been before and it is my options. I AM GRUMPY PERSON when i am mad, and i am kinda hard to forgive peoples. But sooner or later, i think i will forgive whoever ever done mistake to me. but only the TIME is a problem to me, coz it can go up until take years.isnt that bad? hahaha...
You guys take care ok. Me heart you.