05 December 2011

Ombak Rindu

Last friday aku join kawan2 aku tgk Ombak Rindu.
as we all may know, ia adalah satu telenovela dimana jalan cerita berdasarkan novel Ombak Rindu.
For me, Ombak Rindu is kinda perfect malay movie so far i ever watched.
you know why? because there is nothing not logic story inside it.
but mostly org tak puas hati coz the movie is not totally based on the novel, they turn some of the things.
i enjoyed so much the song, credit to Hafiz and Adira! the actor and of cos and the amazingness of Maya Karin. Why i said Maya Karin is amazing?
Sume org tau she is very the sexy actress and in top of malaysian beautiful lady, when she brings a character as naive person, the plays well i tell you!
the way she talked, the way she dress, the way she put emotional.
Aaron Aziz deserve compliment because he never makes his fans frust! kan?
What happen when the movie ends? sume org kuar mate bengkak2 dan merah2..!
tapi aku xdelah smpai nanges jgk. but ade jgk some part aku mmg tahan habis dah..

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