03 April 2012

2012 Post is Begin

Hey there pal!
i almost forgot i got blog..ahaha..
Hell i miss to write here again again and again.

Something new happen to me that makes a differences in between past few years, wanna know what?
I had found back my own heart that i lost for 6 years and being suffer of letting him go. This heart still holding the scars, while i feel i am the most happiest human on earth, i still feels sick thinking about the future of my whole life.
I don't think my life ended in his arm just because i was having him back in this life, its not a promises or a passport to me to open both arms back to him.
He has a girlfriend which cares of him so much, i shouldn't come back actually when sometimes i feel jealous when he spoke to her. but i should be strong, i should stand on my feet, believe that ALLAH Taa'la has reserved someone better than him out there for me. i have to abuse my own mind for the sake of saving my own feeling for my goodness.
There still a pain live deep down this heart, and i will try to be strong and stronger. i hope i can make it and hope you dear reader pray hard for me :)
2012- Attitude
I has long hair which all peoples around me adores to see me.
Here i am saving some hairs for you guys.
i was planning of getting a haircut very soon.

This is year when i felt so alone, when all the besties i had spending their life with husband, prepares husband to work, make lunch and being happy.
i had to admit deep in my heart i was damn envy to plays the activities as a wife.
i am ready to be taken but im not ready to had a broken heart again and again.i know i need better explanation to make people understand, its not easy as people thought "get your ass off la ira", people said i have a gud face to find other better guy myself, but do people ever thought how HARD i try? my 6 years i left in emptiness.
Also bestie cannot understand all of this, i decided to keep it shut.

Well, I hope my besties all blessed and also you guys have a good life out there.
Yani & Sabrina now carrying a baby in belly. i shall be aunt very soon.

Well, lots of things i shared about how i start this year.
I shall write again later.
you guys have a good day!

Stil i hope my life getting better day by day.

Dedicated song_ Cinta Bersatu by Liyana Jasmay.

Di matamu ku berharga
Kau perlakukan aku
Lebih dari mencintai dirimu

Di dekatmu ku merasa
Bahagianya aku
Dapat ruang cintamu

Hanya kamu saja
Yang mampu begitu
Mengerti aku

Kau sempurna bagiku
Tak kurang sesuatu
Kau terima apa adaku

Ku sempurna bagimu
Tak kurang sesuatu
Cinta bersatu

Cara mencintaiku
Yang membuatku diriku jatuh cinta padamu

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