13 April 2012

Christina Aguilera

Salam Dear Reader,
Today i intend to talk about one women name Christina Aguilera.
Why her instead of many other singer out there?
Well, since she has been one of judges for THE VOICE, the was the most bright star among the other judges ( Adam Lavine, Ce Loo, Blake) and she is the only girl.
I am growing up with her song plays in radio, same level to Britney Spears and some other boy band such as Westlife,Blue, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys and many more.
She are 32 now and she sing since she is little girl.
Talking about VOCAL and SINGING LIVE, only person can play well only her.
how amazing she sing every high and lower tone made me really impressed about her gift that not everyone gifted the same gift. She can write her own song, which i think she was born with complete package of a great singer.
Dont you agree with me?

Burleaque was a great movie telling how she try very hard to be real STAR, which the first time i watch the movie i was like stunning and didnt expect she can be on movie. Well Done Christina, you are superwoman.
She is married with one kid.

Good Luck to you for all the way to have been, i was dreaming to be on your concert soon :-)
I did some youtube and i think it will be fun and worth it because she is real singer which can sing better LIVE than record.
Big applause for her.


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