04 April 2012

How I Keep Friends Around Me

Hehey Malaysia~(feeling ade kat overseas)
How are you? hope yall fine and always have a good health and everything.
Today i was thinking of this topic, we might not think about this seems keeping friends can be do spontaneous and describable. right?
For me, keeping friends can be tough and also can be easy.

Why i said tough?
Coz it depends on the friends we had, kadang2 ade kawan yg agak moody yg susah skali kite nk maintain, sbb bile period die punye sensitivity is very high, and on our side yg kadang2 ego is the last things, we can deal with it. But when fire comes with fire, yall know there will be a BOMB around the friendship. I admit tht im not that strong and low tempered dude, sometimes aku boleh jd org plg sensitive among all the people in the world. Why? We need to know WHERE the hell is sensitivity of our friend located. I cannot deal with RUDE friend, it always working to turn me ON. ALWAYS!
Naturally, aku syg sume kawan2 aku, doesnt matter la how they are, thats we call variety in friendship! kan?

Keeping Friends Feeling
Well, korang pon tau kan, dah jadi kewajipan la kite jaga hati kawan2 kite. so that we dont want others to be rude to us jgk kan?
So, bg perepuan, perkataan la sesuatu yg paling berbisa skali. Syok punye la syok skali sengaja nak bg kawan sorang tu terase.Sengaja tu satu hal la, tak sengaja pon kene la break sket tempat ade corner tu.. got it there? Bile dah terlanjur, mula la terase kenape la kawan sorang lagi tu tibe2 tak mo lepak dah ke. Kadang2 sentap tu tak lama xpela, yg bawak bulan2 ni yg susah tu.

Me myself,i have to admit that aku seorang yg sangat susah nk memaafkan. but im not easy to be mad with friend, mmg susah giler aku nk marah kat kawan2 aku sbb my attitude mmg style Happy Go Lucky, so people with tht tagline mmg hardly to be mad.
But when i turn On, it take times very much for me to start all over it again.I apply that in my whole life include my lovelife, thats y when one guy keep my heart broke, i can takes till 5 years to forgive him even he is the most important in my life ever! Sumpah wey, aku mmg pelik sangat. Xtau la knape.. Hehe. But i love you my friend! i will always do love you guys so much!

Friends In Hard & Good Times
Kawan ni, mase senang mmg terase sgt ramai ade disisi, time tu sume dtg nak share this and that. but we will know the true friends is when they try to get you when they feels you are in bad times, the senses of the real friends is that they can feel it. So far ii have found some of them and i so overwhelmed with gratitude that ALLAH has giving them to me. i appreciated you guys very much.
I was stubborn, so tht i asking for advice but im not really taking or listen to the advice. sebab aku mmg degil beb! tapi ok la sbb aku mintak gak nasihat kawan2 aku kan..hehehe..

Friends in Siti Azira Muhammad's Life:

Nur Sabrina-
Die ni different attitude and way of thinking sangat dari aku, tapi ktrg boleh jadi kawan baik.Knowing her is like the best part knowing how best friends feels like.She was there when my lovelife destroy, she helps me standing back again, giving me support so that i can change my attention into others place.
You really sayang me for what i really am, and so do i. I am so glad until today we stil the same person we have known, just the distance and life revolution that taking us apart, but in heart i know we will always do be a good friends until akhirat. Pray for our friendship and my future life ok dude! i heart you! I had pay my promise being your bestmaid and i want you to hold the marriage forever. Happy that you are having ahppy life now.

Nor Aziani- Minah ni can suite me because she was same like me. maksud aku, die ni jenis very independent same as me,so we go everywhere together just when one of us said a words " Wey, Jom kite gi......."..
Ape pendapat yang aku bg kat die, kebanyakan die dengar even most of advice more to how to keep relationship (maybe im good to advice about tht sebab aku sendri xde pasangan) so when time comes i have to say something for her, i just do it.
Beb, ko kawan yg same giler dgn aku sbb tu aku senang masuk ngn ko.
Keep the same Yani ok, will love you always beb!

Khadijah- Manusia paling pelik. Tapi Eja la kawan plg susah ko nk abuse her mind, sebab bile ko ckp la gajah ke rimau ke about some people yang ko tak suke, eja blm tentu akan benci jugak org tu, die sgt susah nk dipegaruhi. dia sangat bagus sbb always POSITIVE. kite perlukan org mcm die ni untk putihkan titik2 hitam dlm jiwa kita ni. bagus ni untuk kehidupan. But Eja, i love everything about u EXCEPT ko suke dgr lagu Kpop.tu je! love you Eja!

Siti Juliana & Zuraini- Siti n Enni ni kawan sekepala mase kt poli, oleh sebab whole class mase tu sume SKEMA tak hingat,hanya kitorang jer yg time quiz tu tgk toyol dan mase kelas main benda lain, duduk seat plng blakang sbb nk bual2.. Enni,ingt lg mase aku kt kamsis lepak selalu kt bilik ko sbb mase tu jakun lg,tgk mat rempit merempit depan poli pastu mule ckp "mata aku rase nk tertutup, knape hah" walhal mase tu jam 2-3 pagi dah..ingt x beb, kite selalu nek moto sesame gi kelas mase dok umh sewa. i miss you when im thinking abt tht moment,you alive in me.
Siti,manusia yang sentiasa pointer dekat2 ngn aku sebab aku rase ktrg jwb exam jwpn lebih kurang sbb study sesame jer. pastu kalo tak aku yg setankan die, die la yg setankan aku.sbb tu la jd camtu. ingt x mase kantoi tiru buku mase quiz kelas En Vishnu? ahahhahaha..
Siti n enni pernah buat surpise birthday aku thn lepas. you guys mmg awesome!
even you guys far away from KL now, alwys near to my heart. heart yall!

Whoever i didnt wrote here, doesnt mean tht i dont appreciated yall in my life, its just the matter of describing yall way out making my blog full la.hehe.
me heart all my friends always and forever.
Salam n Adios AMigos!


  1. i miss miss miss miss miss miss u soooooo much!!!!
    sgt touching bace sbb ko mention aku!!
    kite kawan smpi bile2!! 4eva n eva!!!

    1. eh,ofkos! u re part of my bestie beb!
      yeap, till death too us apart.
      friendship forever.
      love you!