08 January 2013

Favorite Show All The Time

Assalamulaikum blog walker....
Everyone has their own favorite film, form genre they loved.
My favorite genre was kind of romantic film and also thriller.

Romantic Film
1.Dear John.(watched more than 20 times)

Stories about one young couple that met only for 2 weeks and very love each other.
John (an army on vacation) and Savannah (student on school break) was met for 2 weeks and they return back to their normal life.
When John return back to army, Savannah start to wrote letters every day and John did replies. Day by day, time pass by Savannah married to one man she pity of that have sickness and about to die, she took care of his husband's son has Autism.
Knowing the changes that took his beloved away, John found out real story when he came back for his father's funeral.
Then they start to forgive and back in love after Savannah's husband also dead.

2.Letters To Juliet. more likes a film titled The Lost Valentine (watched about 5 times)

Story about one girl named Sophie which a book writer follows her fiance to Italy and met a place where almost girl wrote letter to Romeo, she discover one old letters in between the brick and she read the letters, the content of the letters was about one girl that has to marry to other man when she moved to some other places but she still hopes one day she can marry her Romeo.
Sophie found out there is one group of people that take responsibility to reply all the letters which the collect everyday and reply.
Sophie ask for permission to reply herself letters that she found and it was granted.
The Juliet which name Lorraine come to Italy to see the writer and found Sophie. In the journey to found the romeo, Sophie fall for Lorraine's grandson.

3. Twilight Saga, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn

Vampire who fall in love with human and turn human to be a vampires after a promises he did to the vampire voltury when he suppose to be sacrifice.
Theres a lot of conflict happen between vampires family when other clans know Edward wants to marry human which never happen before.
Other clan start top hunt for Bella but protected by Edward clan which is Vampire and also Jacob which are Warewolf.
Jacob loves Bella so much but Bella never love Jacob more than a friend, her love only for Edward Cullen.
When Edward marry Bella, he turn Bella into Vampire after Bella lost a lot of blood during delivery of their child name Renesmee.
The Jacob imprinted (fall in love and feeling to protect) on Bella's baby and he protected Renesmee during Voltury comes to kill Renesmee.

4.The Lucky One.

About one army that survive from killed during war because one picture. The picture of one lady that written address at the back. He takes a long leaves to find the lady which he considered as his life savers.
The lady is divorced with one son.He pretend to work with the lady which owner of dog nursery, when during the time they fall in love.

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  1. ok..aku nk komen :
    1. Dear John - xpenah tau kewujudan cite ni okeh..
    2. Letters to Juliet - best!!
    3. Twilight - ko yg ajor aku tgk cite ni..hehe..tp yg 2nd n last smpi skg aku x penah tgk.sedey kan..
    4. The Lucky One - jugak xpenah tau.. :D